The research-and-production enterprise of " Criotehnic " Ltd. city Reutov, Moscow region, working from 1991, develops technologies and engineering for processing objects by physical methods.
As new technologies of processing, we offer:
Technology freeze-dryings objects at atmospheric pressure;
Technology of increase of sowing quality of seeds a method
Technology of conservation of cellular suspensions in the overcooled condition at temperatures up to a minus 40*C;
Technology of crystallization of a moisture in objects at positive temperatures;
Technology freeze-dryings objects at positive temperatures and atmospheric pressure;
Technology drying cellular suspensions at positive temperatures with preservation initial properties;
Technology dryings liquid and pastelike objects at positive temperatures with preservation of properties, it is similar to a method freeze-drying.
" Criotehnic " Ltd. makes a refrigerating machinery on the basis of Russian domestic household refrigerators with temperature of storage up to a minus 40*C.
The engineering made by us is used in various establishments of Russia from city Petrozavodsk up to island Sakhalin.
" Criotehnic" makes freeze-dryers working at atmospheric pressure. Such dryer, 8 kg / change on removed to a moisture is established by productivity in Buryatiya.
The Case freeze-dryers is made of the domestic modular refrigerating chamber.
The drying chamber is made of stainless steel. The chamber is equipped with a door, directing for installation it is more opposite, which bottom is made of a corrosion-proof grid.
For increase of reliability installation is equipped with two drying chambers with the air coolers connected to two independent refrigerating one-stage machines with scroll compressors.
At drying granulation milk a layer thickness of 20 mm, duration of sublimation has made 12 hours. At drying granutions champignons, duration of drying of a layer of 2 mm has made 24 hours. Now on the same technical base the dryer productivity 30 kg / days is developed.


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